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Ode to ‘Big Food’ Canada – Sharing the Love

Ode to ‘Big Food’ Canada – Sharing the Love

Not content to stuff us fat with sugar, carbs and grease,
Overflowing aisles of junk to pump us all obese,
Trashing the environment and screwing local farms,
Over-processed fructose snacks and countless other harms,
The one percent of one percent, purveyors of our food,
Stand accused with foul intent: conspiring to collude.

It’s not enough that we’re ripped off, deliberately misled;
The swindlers went the extra mile to fix the price of bread;
Muffins too, through day and night, a million metric tonnes,
Whole wheat, bagels, brown and white, pastries, pies and buns.
Practiced over fourteen years, collusion with intention,
Known to the insiders as ‘the seven / ten convention’.

The rich elite who own these stores, the ultra-uber greedy,
Purposefully picked the bread to scam the poor and needy.
Weston blew the whistle first, so Loblaw did the same.
To gather further evidence, they carried on their game.
Desperate for immunity, and what they felt was just,
They’re off the hook as criminals, but now they want our trust.

As for all the rest of them, the dregs of the cartel;
Hopefully they’ll see a stint in the Iron Bar Hotel.
Sadly, likely, this I know: The poor will never see their dough.
Those of us on low income will neither taste a crust nor crumb,
Of the multi-billions fleeced.  (Prices will be re-increased.)
The cartel system guarantees, it disappears in legal fees.

Now, trust is toast, and I fear most, the half-baked scam’s
Forgotten, lost and overlooked, by all who well afford
The over-priced and processed swill, packed in plastic over-kill.
Let’s see what the courts decide. Will a refund be supplied?
Perhaps they’ll pay in bogus points, redeemable for legal joints.
Could be next June, but I’m suspicious; could be when their fare’s nutritious.

I. B. Burned