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Consumers Abandoned by Government in Alberta’s Topsy Turvy World of Auto Insurance

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Consumers Abandoned by Government in Alberta's Topsy Turvy World of Auto Insurance 
(February 27, 2008) 

The Consumers' Association of Canada deplores the actions taken by the Government of Alberta to protect the profits of Private Auto Insurance Companies. Within hours of the $4,000 injury cap being struck down by the courts, the Alberta government was structuring an appeal to prevent thousands of Albertans injured in auto accidents from being compensated for their pain and suffering.

"Injured Albertans wonder why their Government has abandoned them to protect the flow of hundreds of millions of dollars heading to Eastern based Insurance Interests," said CAC President Bruce Cran. "Albertans wonder why they are being treated like second class citizens," he added. 

Instead of appealing the court's decision the government must challenge the private insurers to produce a product of similar quality and cost to the public insurers serving provinces to the East and West.

For further information: Bruce Cran, (604) 418-8359