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Proposed Settlements in Auto Parts -Fixing Class Actions

January 14, 2016


If you bought or leased a new or used vehicle, or certain automotive parts, since January 1, 1999, you should read the following notices carefully. It may affect your legal rights.

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Consumers’ Association of Canada Opposes Bill s-202

October 9, 2014

The Consumers' Association of Canada (CAC) presented its opposition to bill s-202 today to the Senate Standing Committee with respect to bill s-202.

"This is a bill designed for merchants. We are perplexed that government is proposing to intervene in the credit card market in a manner that puts the interests of merchants ahead of those of consumers. We are also tired of hearing claims that both the government and retailers are acting in our (consumers') interest when this is not a consumer concern", says Mel Fruitman.

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CAC Contacts:

Bruce Cran, President

Mel Fruitman
Vice President

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Statement from the Consumers’ Association of Canada on Anti-Consumer Bill Before the Senate

OTTAWA (May 28, 2014): Bruce Cran, President of the Consumers Association of Canada (CAC), released the following statement on the eve of the Senate Banking Committee beginning its study of Bill S-202, An Act to amend the Payment Card Networks Act (credit card acceptance fees), which is sponsored by Senator Pierrette Ringuette.  The Bill seeks government intervention in the market to regulate the price merchants pay for credit card acceptance.

“The CAC is disappointed that Parliament is debating a bill that seeks to enrich merchants at the expense of consumers.  The fees retailers pay to accept credit cards are a normal cost of doing business that merchants make a conscious decision to incur to improve their customer experience.  Merchants continually downplay the benefits of accepting credit cards while seeking measures like Bill S-202 that would dump those costs onto their customers.

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Poll Shows Consumers Support Competition Tribunal Decision

Poll Shows Consumers Support Competition Tribunal Decision Time for Merchants to use the Tools Already at their Disposal to Control Credit Card Acceptance Costs 
August 26 (OTTAWA): The Consumers Association of Canada (CAC) released new polling 
today that shows consumers overwhelmingly support the decision of the Competition Tribunal to 
reject a challenge of rules put in place by MasterCard and Visa to protect consumers. 

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CAC Statement on Credit Card Fees


July 23, 2013

CAC Statement on Credit Card Fees

“The Consumers’ Association of Canada is very pleased with today’s ruling by the Competition Tribunal. We did not support the Bureau’s original action against Visa and MasterCard because it did not take consumer interests into account. The CAC believes both the no surcharge and honour all cards rules are important for consumer protection and to ensure that consumers have an appropriate choice of payment methods.

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