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CAC’s Elaine Scott Reappointed as Observer to the Canadian Dairy Commission

April 18, 2020

The Consumers' Association of Canada (CAC) is pleased to announce Elaine Scott has been reappointed as an Observer to the Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC).

Elaine has represented the CAC as an Observer of the CDC for many years and this is a critical role during these unprecedented times. 

The CAC has been closely watching the food supply for all Canadians. President of the CAC, Bruce Cran, notes, "We have been very pleased with how dairy products continue to make it onto the grocery store shelves and into Canadian homes – and without price increases. In comparison to other countries in the world Canadians have benefited from our continuity of supply.”

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Canadian physicians are ill prepared to talk to smokers about alternatives to tobacco products

Health Canada or a professional association should provide guidance to physicians helping smokers quit

VANCOUVER – September 3, 2019 – Canadian physicians appear to be ill prepared when it comes to discussing the variety of alternatives available to help smokers quit, according to a survey conducted for the Consumers’ Association of Canada by Research Co. Only 25% of the 456 physicians surveyed recommended electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) within the past year even though 63% believe them to be less harmful than cigarettes. 

When asked if they read research on ENDS and discussed it with patients looking to quit smoking, only 37% of physicians had done so within the past month six months.  A troubling statistic when we consider the number of people who credit these products for helping them to become smoke-free. 

The full version of the new release can be found here. The french version is here.

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Did you buy a lawnmower between 1994 and 2012?  You may be affected by the final settlements in a national class action.  The courts must approve the settlement agreements, the plan for distributing the settlement funds to class members, and the fee request of the lawyers before the claims process can begin. 

To review these documents and for more information about your rights, visit

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CAC Consumer Alert   |  Travel Insurance

October 2017

Don’t leave Canada without travel insurance!

Recent events occurring outside Canada’s borders emphasize the need for all travellers to have adequate travel Insurance. And when you purchase the travel insurance policy ensure that it meets all of your needs and that your application form is correctly completed.

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Canadian Auto Parts Price-Fixing Class Actions

April 17, 2017

Proposed Settlements and Distribution of Settlement Funds in Canadian Auto Parts Price-Fixing Class Actions

Between 1999 and 2017, did you or your company:

Purchase and/or lease a new or used automotive vehicle in Canada or for import into Canada; and/or

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